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You’ve probably heard of “Mormon Mommy Blogs”.  They tend to be filled with the joys of motherhood, the happiness brought about by eternal marriage, and photographs of the picture perfect life.  Sometimes, I enjoy perusing blogs that are all about the best things life has to offer.  Sometimes.  At other times, those blogs depress me.  They remind me that I didn’t host themed parties with perfectly crafted DIY decor and favors for all of my children on their birthdays every year.  They make me feel guilty for not sending my children to school each day with nutritious and interesting lunches, complete with an inspiring note written on a napkin.  They make my attempts at Halloween costumes seem pathetic and my somewhat ordinary Christmas tree seem…well…ordinary.  Most of the time, these blogs, in spite of all of their good intentions, make me feel like a loser because my life simply can’t measure up to the perfection that is presented on their pages.

Let me clarify:  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes known as the Mormons.  I am also the mother of 5 beautiful children and two adorable grandchildren.  And I happen to love to write.  However, this is NOT a typical “Mormon Mommy Blog”.  If I had to put it into a category, I’d probably call it a reality blog.  Yes, you will find things here about my religion and my family…a lot of things!  They constitute my life.  But you will also find things about the trials I face each day and the lessons I learn from those trials.  You’ll hear about the emotions evoked from my life experiences…happiness, sadness, joy, anger, boredom, excitement, upheaval and peace.  I’ll share the things I’ve learned from the scriptures, the things that have come to me as I sit in my chair and ponder my existence.  You’ll get familiar with my medical history and the challenges associated with “regrowing” an arm.  You will learn about my life, my WHOLE life, the sweet and the sour!  You may find these things interesting…or not.  But I can guarantee that you will find them to be real…real experiences, real emotions, real lessons and real history.  Most of all, I hope you’ll find something that you can relate to, something that might allow us to become friends…

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