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Nurse Ian – Another Silver Lining

I’ve been looking for silver linings in this hospital visit that has been extended into a week long stay. I’ve found many, but the one that has stood out to me the most has been my night nurse, Ian.  At first, Ian didn’t talk much. He is from the Phillipians and speaks very broken English. However, I mentioned something about Disneyland one night and we found an instant connection…who doesn’t love the happiest place on earth?  My nurse, IanOver the past four nights, I’ve come to know him pretty well. He has been an RN since 2001 and has practiced nursing in 3 different countries, the US being the latest. His family still lives in the Phillipians, where his family owns a small farm that provides their income. His father has become very ill and for the past few years has required dialysis 3 times a week. They don’t have insurance to cover it so his sister, who is also a nurse, has quit her job to take care of her father. She is able to provide the dialysis at home to decrease the cost of doctors and hospitals, but it still cost $100 a day. His brother has also quit his job to run the family farm until they are able to sell the land which will help cover all of the medical costs being incurred, but in the meantime, Ian is here in the US working two full-time nursing jobs to support his family and pay for the needs of his dying father. He has a great attitude and is one of the kindest, gentlest nurses I have encountered during these 15 months of hospital stays and doctor visits. He has gone out of his way to make sure I am comfortable and have what I need each morning before he leaves his shift. I said goodbye to him this morning (since I will hopefully be home before he has another nighttime shift). I was struck by what a blessing he has been during the past 4 days. His kindness, as well as the consistency of having the same nurse so many days in a row, have been a stabilizing presence for me.  His story was a great reminder of just how blessed I am!  I will miss him…and am grateful for his hands which have brought comfort to mine. Whether or not he knows it, he has been a true representative of the hand of God in my life.  Just one more silver lining!


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